Introducing Castle Park II

A Playground with Purpose
About The Park

Play is a child’s work.

Children learn, grow and develop through play, improving their physical, cognitive and social skills. Nowhere in Clinton County is this more evident than at the Wooden Playground at David Williams Park here in Wilmington. Due to a community-wide effort led by Judy Gano of Gano Law Offices, families in our community have been able to enjoy the massive wooden playground for more than 20 years now. More than 900 local volunteers gave of their time and resources to help make the original wooden playground happen.

However, playground safety standards have changed since 1996 and unfortunately, wood doesn’t last forever. The time to retire our wooden playground is near. The Wilmington Parks & Recreation board, along with a steering committee of local citizens are hard at work, determined to build the next generation playground for our community – one that will honor the work and vision of the original playground leaders and one that will allow a new generation of families to enjoy a child’s work . . . play.

Pick an item to sponsor and help us move one step closer to completing our playground!

Want to sponsor a specific component of the new playground? Children in our community helped design this project and they chose the very things they wanted in a new play place. Donors who purchase a playground component will be named on permanent signage at the site of the project but will also have their sponsorship acknowledged via temporary signage, placed on or near the purchased playground component during our grand opening celebration for additional exposure.

Interested in supporting our project?

There are many ways to get involved and make an impact. Ready to help us build something amazing?


Engraved Fence Picket Fundraiser

February 1, 2019

Community 'Selfie' Day: Take a Picture on the Playground

Late February 2019

Demolition Day: Paving the Way for the Castle Park II

Early March 2019

Build Week: Creating the Castle Park II

May 13th – 19th, 2019

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Jermaine Isaac
Superintendent, Wilmington Parks and Rec
(937) 725-5756

General Coordinators
Co-Chairs: Jermaine Isaac
Tim Wiederhold

Chair: Kristi Fickert
Rebeka Hamilton
Michael Allbright
Jonathan McKay

Public Relations
Chair: Liz Mattingly
Josh McGee

Children’s Commitee
Co-Chairs: Elexis Wiederhold
Ciara McGee

Special Needs
Chair: Dauna Armstrong